A Return to Health: Quitting Smoking & Skin Care

Smoking causes serious damage to your skin cells, including your hair and nails. Quitting now will allow your body’s natural regenerative processes to heal these damaged areas.

One of the best choices a smoker can make is to quit. Smoking causes numerous illnesses and diseases, and also causes several forms of cancer. It is one of the leading causes of death in the world. In light of all of the adverse health effects caused by cigarette smoking, the destruction of skin cells cannot be understated.

Smoking and Your Skin

Smoking causes skin damage. Some of this damage may even be irreversible. Quitting smoking now, along with numerous additional health benefits, will stop the progression of skin damage altogether.

According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking causes the skin to prematurely age. This is due to oxygen deprivation of the skin cells. This happens because smoking restricts oxygen-rich blood from reaching skin cells, by narrowing the blood vessels near the skin’s surface. Cigarette smoke also destroys collagen and elastin, which provides skin with its elasticity and durability. Smoke further denies your skin cells the full nutrient-rich provisions it needs such as Vitamin A, among others.

Many do not consider the implications of skin cell destruction. These implications extend beyond beauty and looks. The skin is our body’s first line of defense against illnesses caused by bacteria, germs, and viruses. Our skin further supports our immune system. Maintaining healthy skin does not only make us look younger and appear healthier, it reflects our true inner health, as well. According to Dr. Groassbart, author of “Skin Deep”, our skin is also linked to our emotional state. For example: when we are afraid, it grows pale. When we are happy, it glows. This is true for all emotions. We are linked to our skin in more ways than just the physical.

Skin Recovery

For starters, when you quit smoking, you will begin to notice your body’s natural restorative abilities around your eyes. According to Everyday Health, smoking can easily damage the delicate tissue under the eyes. Quitting smoking now will allow these tissues to repair themselves.

Quitting smoking now will stop the breakdown of fibers, stop the narrowing of blood vessels, and allow the oxygen and nutrients to reach your skin – stopping the rapid aging process caused by smoking.

Smoking causes burning and micro-scarring of the lips. Quitting smoking now will allow your body’s natural regenerative process to begin, so your lips will look healthy and the color deepened once more.

Your hair and nails are also a part of your skin – your outer-most layer of protection. Quitting smoking now will allow critical nutrients and oxygen to reach your nails and hair, restoring them to their former health and beauty.

Vaping and Skin Harm Reduction

Different studies show that there’s no direct connection between nicotine and the skin conditions. Most of the scientists agree, that while smoking is definitely harming the skin, but this happens because of the combustion chemicals cigarette smoke contains. Therefore, some organizations and groups supporting vaping (especially after the recent evidence was published by PHE) claiming that vaping can become a skin savior for those people who don’t want to cut off their nicotine intake, but are looking for a healthy way to make a switch. If you’re one of such people, we recommend you to visit QuitDay’s guide to electronic cigarettes here, where you can find different reviews and guide on how to choose the best e-cig for your needs. Although, there are new researchers that aimed at proving that vaporized e-liquids can have negative effects on the skin health.

A Return to Health

As with many regions of the body, quitting smoking now will allow your body’s natural regenerative processes to take place. Many areas of your skin, nails, and hair can be restored, rejuvenated, and revitalized. Not only will you look better and younger, you will also feel better and feel younger.

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